SSA adds to fare policy guidelines


The Steamship Authority (SSA) members have approved a set of rate policy guidelines, plus some rate reductions, in special instances that included reduced rates for Island residents who must travel frequently to the mainland for treatment of serious medical conditions.

Last month, the SSA approved a 50-percent discount in the already discounted auto excursion rate for eligible passengers. On Tuesday, meeting at Nantucket, the members approved the policy that will govern those discounts.

Discounts will be granted to residents who have a series of at least 10 scheduled medical treatments over a three-month period for the same medical condition. Discount fare users must provide medical documentation and make fare arrangements with a reservation supervisor.

The members also approved a reduced round trip rate automobile fare for Woods Hole and Falmouth parking permit holders of $55. The reduced fare is only good during the off-season for permit holders and limited to twice each season and only on specific days and the last scheduled trips.

The board reaffirmed its current student discount policy that requires college students to provide documentation every semester of enrollment. “The authority provides this extended excursion rate to almost 200 college students who submit the necessary documentation each semester, and approximately 25 percent of the students do not return to school the following semester,” according to a management report of the meeting.