What’s up with the Y


To the Editor:

We are anxiously waiting for the grand opening of the YMCA. The yearly membership rates have been set, and many residents have paid for their membership.

The doors of the YMCA are suppose to open by the end of this month, but there has been no announcement of the hours, classes, activities, etc. I understand that sales of membership are drastically below expectations as no one knows any details of the hours or activities. If you look on the website of the YMCA, there was a video made back in 2009, and the last news announcement was in November 2009, when Jill Robie was appointed director. In the last seven months, there has been no announcement dealing with our new YMCA. I have had summer residents ask me if there is any quarterly membership for the summer, and yet even the Y has not formulated any price. Is this the planning that we can expect in the future?

Gosh, I certainly hope this is not a sign as to the future operations, to which many of us have donated funds to build this important leisure activity of our community. Many of us are looking at the Y with great hope, and yet its administration has not shown any interest in providing present information on the activities of the new Y.

Jill, can we hear from you?

Jim Lackley

Oak Bluffs