Gratifying experience


To the Editor:

Adult and Community Education of Martha’s Vineyard (ACE MV) recently completed it’s first humanitarian travel/service project in Nicaragua. Those of us who were fortunate enough to participate enjoyed a stimulating cultural experience and made positive connections with people we met there.

The Island community support was overwhelming, and we were able to present our new friends with some needed clothing, toys, school and health supplies, four laptop computers, and cash for new reference books. The Nicaraguan school children were thrilled with the letters and drawings from Island students. We are grateful to the following Vineyarders who contributed those gifts to the Nicaraguan community:Kathleen Cameron, Rona Costas, Lin De Young, Bev Fearey, David Finkelstein, Phil Fleischman, Kathy Flynn, Shari Geistfeld, Sandra Grymes, Amy Hewett, Theresa Holmes, Susan Huntington, Tamara King, Ann Kurth, Robert C. Lane, Muriel Laverty, Pam Logan, Kate McCormick, Teri Mello, Else Membreñ;o, Barbara & Chris Murphy, Jane Norton, Paul Pertile, Victoria PhillipsLisa Reagan, Barbara Reynolds, Joe SchroederCindy Smith, Pat Sylvia, Teresa Temple, Phyllis Vecchia, Vanessa Vento, Suzanne Warren, Lynn Weber, Thayer Whipple, The Black Dog, Molly at Bryn Walker, Boys & Girls Club Second Hand Store, Edgartown Yacht Club,Island Entertainment, The Vineyard Haven Thrift Shop.

Toni Cohen

Nancy Whipple

Julie Hitchings

Lynn and Michael DitchfieldMembers of the ACE MV Advisory Council