MVRHS Junior Prom

Students came dressed in elegant gowns and tuxedos on Saturday night. In front is Norbertto De Assis. Second row: Gleyzielle Rodrigues, Layane Santos, Rafaela Olivera, Kenia Rodrigues. Third Row: Renata Oliveira, Paola Maiesky, Rafael Robadel. Back row: Danilo Olegario, Ohana Oliveira, and Rebecca Tenorio. — File photo by Ralph Stewart

Students clad in elegant gowns and tuxedos poured from stretch limos, vans, and buses into the Mediterranean on Saturday, May 22, for the M.V. Regional High School’s annual Junior Prom.

As a safety precaution, assistant principals Neil Weaver and Carlin Hart greeted the attendees with a mandatory breathalyzer test. Students were then free to enter the restaurant, which was decorated with balloons accentuating the theme of Tonight’s Dreams, Tomorrow’s Memories.

Everyone received warm welcomes and compliments from the teacher-chaperones before kicking off their heels and hitting the dance floor, where the band Katama performed covers by artists such as the Black Eyed Peas. The different rooms of the restaurant provided not only dancing space but windows to cool off by, tables to eat the Mediterranean tapas at, and a bar offering flavored lemonades.

After Isaac Hurwitz and Nina Levin were crowned Prom King and Queen, the crowd thinned as students grabbed their Youth Task Force gift bags and headed off to enjoy the rest of the night.