Nectar’s will bring back music, adds pizza


Nectar’s, the Vermont nightclub that operated the former Outerland club near the Martha’s Vineyard Airport last summer, will return to the Island this year.

The club owners have negotiated an agreement to purchase the building from a partnership that includes Arthur and Barry Rosenthal.

Christopher Walsh, owner of Nectar’s, said the nightclub will rent the building for now, until the sale can be finalized. He expects the deal to close before August.

“We just tried to keep it simple; it only got complex when the lawyers got involved,” Mr. Walsh said.

Nectar’s will buy the building in partnership with Flatbread Company, a wood-fired pizza restaurant with locations in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Hawaii. Flatbread Company will establish a restaurant at Nectar’s.

Mr. Walsh said his staff has been busy lining up musical acts.

“We are shooting for a June 11 first concert, probably a reggae show,” Mr. Walsh said. “We’re probably going to average three shows a week. We have a bunch of rock and roll and some hip hop.”