Smoke from Canadian fires blanketed Vineyard Monday


Smoke drifted over the Vineyard Monday. The Dukes County communications center reported it was “inundated” with 911 calls. But the fire emergency that generated the smoke was hundreds of miles away to the north.Smoke from more than 50 forest fires in Quebec spread across northern and eastern Massachusetts and southwest New Hampshire Monday, the National Weather Service (NWS) reported in a weather bulletin.”Smoke from a number of large fires in southern Quebec has begun to move over portions of southwest New Hampshire as well as eastern Massachusetts,”a NWS press release issued Monday said. “The thickest smoke was found over the Outer Cape at 8:30 am. Visibilities were reported to be less than two miles at the Chatham Airport.”Smoke will continue to move towards the East Coast with a north to northeast wind and will likely affect much of eastern Massachusetts during the late morning hours. Another plume of lighter smoke will filter down from southern New Hampshire into Worcester and Middlesex counties in northern Massachusetts. Based on current satellite pictures, the densest smoke will likely move over eastern Plymouth County as well as Cape Cod and Nantucket.”Surface winds will slowly back to a west to southwest direction which will push the smoke back out to sea.”

On Wednesday Island skies were cloudy but clear of smoke.