Ask the landscapers


The Times asks: What is one thing you try to convince a client to do to make their lawn or yard more environmentally friendly?

“Work with the safest, environmentally friendly products on the market…With organic fertilizer, people really have to read the ingredients to make sure you’re getting natural fertilizer. Sometimes fertilizer says organic, but it is toxic. Really read the labels…If it has a warning label, it is probably a good indication it is not organic.”

-Jude Villa, owner, Working Earth

“Number one, use organic material to keep plants well fed. The idea is that plants need to be taken care of; they’re living beings. We try to let the client know they need to be fed, mulched, and cared for. Mulching the plant is like the clothes we wear, for protection. We talk about what’s good for the plant. I would tell a client that I’d rather do good environmentally friendly care that’s good for the plants and good for us.”

-Bob Buckley, owner, We Will Do Your Job

“Recognize that the Vineyard is a unique place. Utilize the many beautiful perennials, shrubs, and trees that can thrive here with a minimum of fussing, fertilizing, and watering. Native and natural gardens reduce maintenance, conserve resources, and promote biodiversity. Choose your plants well and place them carefully.”

-Jai Schahn, owner, LandArt