With help, a greenhouse at Daybreak


To the Editor:

The Daybreak Clubhouse of Martha’s Vineyard Community Services thanks the Vineyard Home Center, Jardin Mahoney, Goodale Construction, Hinkley and Sons, the Community Solar Greenhouse (COMSOG), Chris Cottrell, the Permanent Endowment Fund, Farmtek Suppliers, and the Friends of Daybreak for generous donations to the Daybreak Clubhouse Greenhouse.

The greenhouse was an idea one year ago. Chris Cottrell, Daybreak’s landlord, allowed the Clubhouse to use the parking space alongside the building for the greenhouse and helped with the zoning application to the town. Farmtek Suppliers gave Daybreak free freight for the greenhouse kit and a sales price for the 8×10′ structure. The Permanent Endowment Fund allowed Daybreak to use monies previously awarded as part of a wellness grant for the purchase.

Dick Marshall, Daybreak staff, and members and other staff built the greenhouse over the late fall and winter.

COMSOG donated many trays of six-pack planting containers and allowed Daybreak to plant 100 marigolds before the Clubhouse greenhouse was up and running. Chuck McBride, manager of COMSOG, over the years has taught Daybreak members and staff the art of planting.Goodale Construction donated the gravel for a heat bank and drainage on the greenhouse floor. Vineyard Home Center donated the lumber for the benches and tables in the greenhouse. Jardin Mahoney gave the soil for the benches.

The Friends of Daybreak donated $200 from the Clubhouse scholarship fund for gardening supplies. Hinckley and Sons donated lumber for the outside garden beds where the plants from the greenhouse will be transferred.

The greenhouse has been a community project. It is now up and running and folks are planting many different types of flowers and plants for themselves and for the Clubhouse. Thank you to all who contributed.

Jonathan Burke

Daybreak Clubhouse,A part of Martha’s Vineyard Community Services