Ready, set, go: An active Vineyard


Summer is almost officially here, and the weather feels like we are already well into summer. If you have not been blessed to be able to get out and enjoy the wonderful weather, then maybe this article is what you need to get motivated.

There are so many great options for outdoor activities on the Island that it is sometimes very hard to choose what you want to do at that very moment. You could take the super adventurous route and take up scuba diving. You’ll need to head over to Vineyard Scuba on 110 South Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs. There, Joe and Heidi Leonardo have everything you will need to get started, including lessons. If you are already an experienced diver and just need new equipment, some servicing, or rentals while you are visiting, then Vineyard Scuba is your best stop.

If water is your desire, but scuba is not your thing, kayaking might be a better choice. Wind’s Up on Beach Road offers a large selection of all types of personal watercrafts and accessories, as well as lessons. Their kayak models range from Perception and Wilderness Systems to Old Town or Ocean Kayak.

Island Spirit Kayak is a business on the move. They will come to you for lessons, rentals, and sales. To see their great kayaks for purchase and their current sale prices visit them on the web at

If you are someone who prefers to look at the water and be active on land, there are many options for you too. We can start with the two-wheeled variety, otherwise known as bicycles. Edgartown Bicycles, located on upper Main Street, offers bicycles by Jamis, and Felt, along with accessories, parts, and clothing. Cutler Bike Rental’s, on the corner of Dock and Main Street in Edgartown, is hosting their annual used bike sale till June 15. With their high level of seasonal rental maintenance, you are ensured a great gently used bike to take you through many seasons to come.

For those who like to have their feet firmly planted on the ground, tennis or golf might be your thing. Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs offers a selection of both golf and tennis equipment in the Pro Shop, while Mink Meadows in Vineyard Haven can also help with your golfing needs.

For a great all-around sporting goods store, Sports Haven is the best choice on the Island. They cover everything from equipment to clothing and footwear for eveyone from the leisure shopper to the organized sport participant. With their central location in Vineyard Haven, it should be a must visit each season. Brickman’s, just across the street, also offers a variety of sporting goods, along with a very wide selection of footwear for specific sports and leisure.

So no matter what your choice is, get outdoors and enjoy the Island’s nature. I promise you won’t regret it.