Unfair competition for property-owning businesses


To the Editor:

This is an alert to the voters of Tisbury

On June 10 at 7:15 and 7:25 pm, two businesses will appear for use of a hot dog stand before the zoning board of appeals

One has to pay the town taxes on his property, plus sewerage, new water usage, insurance for employees, and liability and bath facilities, a cost of over $2,000 quarterly.

The other business, because he has been granted by the selectmen, will pay the town a fee of $500 for his pushcart next to the Island information booth.

Setting a precedent for use of town property for private business does open a large can of worms for any use that the selectmen can authorize.

Please come to the meeting and let your voice be heard.

Cora S. Medeiros

Vineyard Haven

Editor’s Note: The writer is a former Tisbury selectman and a business owner.