The final piece of life’s puzzle


To the Editor:

Words cannot express the emotional feeling that I felt, when my name was read by the principal of the High School. This was at the start of the Class Night ceremony for the Class of 2010, at the Tabernacle in Oak Bluffs, on Friday June 11.

I had volunteered for the draft and entered the Army in 1953, and did not finish my senior year in the Tisbury High School. I was presented with my High School Diploma, dated 1953, under the Veterans Act of 2005. I had enough credits to qualify.

I cannot thank all the people involved enough for this great honor. Many thanks to Sgt. Neal Maciel, who I am told initiated the wheels turning. Many thanks also to Joann Murphy the veterans’ agent, who researched my records, and Stephen Nixon, principal of the Regional High School.

The one thing to me in the center of life’s puzzle is a diploma from high school. I have almost finished life’s puzzle, and now I have the centerpiece. Thank you everyone.

Stephen F. Nichols