Not ‘community’ the way he sees it


To the Editor:

Over the past years I’ve been writing Letters to the Editor regarding lack of public access at Lambert’s Cove Beach, a town park in West Tisbury. Normally, I take a sentence from some letter or an editorial regarding community and point out how it’s in contrast with the town’s exclusive beach policies. This time however, I’m going to quote an entire paragraph from last week’s At Large by Doug Cabral.

“Helping one another, at the family, social, and municipal levels, is understood and practiced, almost flawlessly, on Martha’s Vineyard. The Times’ Letters to the Editor columns remind us weekly of the good Samaritans among us, the generous neighbors, the open hearted business owners, the regiments of volunteers, the diligent and ever-ready emergency services, including police, volunteer firefighters, and harbormasters, the hospital ER, and the Red Cross. In all these ways, cooperation among us flourishes. Town boundaries do not hinder neighborly impulses. One cannot argue that all of this occurs with seamless, economic efficiency, but acting as one Island community in all these ways is something of which we are proud. We understand how cooperation works, we count on it, and we do it.”

So I’m saying “bull” to pretty much that whole paragraph. Because of statements like that, I often wonder if Doug Cabral reads the Letters to the Editor page in his own paper. Or maybe we just have different definitions of words like “community” and “cooperation.” Silence is my validation. End beach apartheid.

Erik Albert
Oak Bluffs