Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Not so cozy

To the Editor: I take issue with last week’s editorial (Feb. 12, “Vaccines: Not optional”) about vaccinations. My issue wasn’t with the opinion on vaccinations,...

Pot trumps tribal casino

To the Editor: I have a solution for Aquinnah’s budget shortfall, both current and future, and it’s not a casino.  The Department of Justice recently...

Wastewater rates by the gallon

To the Editor: This is the reply to Bob Iadicicco’s letter in which he wanted to correct me on an error in one of my...

What’s fair?

To the Editor: I would like to respond to Oak Bluffs wastewater commissioner Robert Iadicicco’s letter in last week’s Times (“Fairness at work”). A little...

Am I wrong?

To the Editor: A few points. First I would like to comment on last week’s article regarding wastewater in Oak Bluffs, “Oak Bluffs business owners...

Pot logo is a bust

To the Editor: First, I would like to comment on a story published last week about a heroin bust on Island (“Latest heroin arrest spurs...

Not neighborly

To the Editor: A few points. I would like to respond to Peter Robb’s letter in a recent issue of The Times regarding President Obama. The...

Dope, litter, POTUS, and town beaches

To the Editor: A few thoughts. First off I would like to recommend that everyone read the recent multi-day editorial in The New York Times...

Ridiculous or not

To the Editor: A few thoughts. First, there were two separate single-driver accidents in under two weeks on Island. I would guess that they were...

A plethora of complaints

To the Editor: I take issue with your Publisher’s Note about Doug Cabral retiring. In it you say "in the course of crafting perhaps 1,500 Times...

He wants to hear from you

This is several letters in one and might ramble a little.

A cry for help

To the Editor:To quote former President Reagan, "There you go again.

Moronic titles

As before, this is several letters in one.

Three in one

This is three letters in one.

His turn

The obvious reply to W.

Back to you, W. R. Deeble

This is the reply to W.

In defense of Oak Bluffs people

I take issue with Steve Maxner's

In reply, I’m not wrong

I would like to reply to W.