Three in one


To the Editor:

This is three letters in one.

Here is the thing about people from West Tisbury. When it comes to issues in Oak Bluffs, they feel that they should have a say on what goes on there, but when it comes to the exclusive policies at their town beach, Lambert’s Cove, it’s a matter for them to decide for themselves.

For example, West Tisbury resident Steve Maxner wants to end the shark tournament, Richard Knabel wants to stop the Roundabout, and W.R. Deeble wants to close the Oak Bluffs Steamship Authority dock. However, they won’t say that they are for sharing the beach.

That is why I write these letters, because I don’t want to read about how they go on about community only when it benefits them. And Mr. Deeble, you can’t just leave our discussion without at least admitting I beat you. End beach apartheid.

As far as the shark tournament goes, I feel that a catch and release policy would be good. That however is not my main issue with it. The unruly crowd that it generates needs to be tamped down. If it can’t be tamped down, the tournament should end. It saddens me to see my town like that.

While I’m on the subject of things that sadden me in my town, let’s talk about the movie theaters in Oak Bluffs. They are a disgrace, and an embarrassment. Oak Bluffs selectmen should not renew the business licenses if they are not cleaned up.

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs