Not so cozy


To the Editor:

I take issue with last week’s editorial (Feb. 12, “Vaccines: Not optional”) about vaccinations. My issue wasn’t with the opinion on vaccinations, it was about how the Island was described.

In the first two paragraphs, the editorialist described the Island this way: “We Vineyarders pride ourselves on our strong sense of community … and our frequent remove from family, from off-Island friends, and from the broader resources off-Island can give us particular pleasure in acts of caring for and thinking about one another.”

“We extend our definition of caring to include a healthy respect for differing worldviews among neighbors. … Our genteelly bohemian tent is big, it’s welcoming, it’s respectful, and it’s ultimately enriching.”

I say poppycock.

As I’ve pointed out so many times in this forum, West Tisbury’s exclusive beach policies at Lambert’s Cove Beach, a town park, are the antithesis of your description of the Island. If anyone, including the editors, past and current, can’t see this obvious discrepancy, I recommend a story by Dr. Seuss, about Star-Belly Sneetches. Silence is my validation; end beach apartheid, or just stop going on about how neighborly, welcoming, and community-minded the Island is.

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs