Moronic titles


To the Editor:

As before, this is several letters in one. First, I would like to thank West Tisbury resident Steve Maxner for writing in and stating he is for sharing Lambert’s Cove Beach. Hopefully, other residents will follow his lead to make the Island a more welcoming place.

Next, on to W.R. Deeble, also of West Tisbury, who supports his town’s exclusive beach policies. He recently wrote a Letter to the Editor against Fox News. It’s sad that he can’t see that he reinforces a negative stereotype of those on the left, that they are out of touch elitist and hypocrites.

Next is a recent Editorial regarding Thanksgiving. Here is a quote from it “That our community is mostly neighborly. And often generous. That we acknowledge our great obligation of deference and respect for those who fight for us, and for their leaders.” Clearly West Tisbury’s exclusive beach policies don’t fit in with this. Especially the bit about veterans. Also if you are going to give my letters moronic titles like “I guess silence isn’t his validation” that acknowledge that you actually read my letters, can you please stop writing Editorials with this false narrative that we are a neighborly community.

Finally, I would like to write again about West Tisbury resident and presidential historian David McCullough. He was recently on 60 Minutes in a two-part interview that I highly recommend everyone watch. He talks about how our Founding Fathers wanted us to celebrate The 4th of July. So I would like to ask him if our Founding Fathers would be happy with the fact that a common citizen can’t walk to his town’s public beach to celebrate the 4th of July with a picnic? He also rightfully criticizes the lack of history knowledge of the American youth. I would also like to make the same criticism of him, because he lives in a town with policies more akin to the King of England not of a free country that our Founding Fathers envisioned. History will not judge your silence well, Mr. McCullough.

And in closing, as always, end beach apartheid.

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs