Monday, May 16, 2022
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Not free to beach-it at Lambert’s Cove

I wanted to write in and publicly congratulate C.

Apparently, silence isn’t really his validation

Do you purposefully write Editorials so that I write in to correct you? Another possibility is that you don't actually read the letters addressed to you that are printed in your paper.

Not so neighborly

West Tisbury selectman Richard Knabel wrote yet another

Your silence appreciated

A few thoughts.

Beach access is all

I enjoyed last week's

About beaches, sort of

Anybody familiar with this section of the paper probably saw this one coming.

Summer think

This is a compilation of a bunch of letters I wanted to write this summer but was too busy.

End hemp apartheid

This is an open letter to President Barack Obama.

Silence is his validation

The West Tisbury Library is working on an expansion, with half of the funding coming from the state.

What kind of town is it?

The next issue is your recent

No straight talk on Oak Bluffs budget

Just a few thoughts on the last Oak Bluffs town meeting.

Everyone pays, everyone should get access

Believe it or not, I do agree with one of the main points of Karen Elgart's recent [Dec.

It’s all about beaches with this guy

Despite being a vegetarian for the past 20 years, I enjoyed Nelson Bryant's article about duck hunting on the Island.

Revealing glimpse

I would like to make a correction to an article in The Times a while back titled "Unhappy Aquinnah taxpayer sues to use Philbin Beach.

How has he kept his job?

The first part of this letter would have been e-mailed directly to the Oak Bluffs selectmen, but I couldn't find any place on the town's web site to send comments.

Elitists’ beach

This one is a week late.

Hemp instead of oil

This is an open letter to President Barack Obama.

The people-dogs equivalency in West Tisbury

People of West Tisbury have once again shown how truly selfish they are.

Not ‘community’ the way he sees it

To the Editor:Over the past years I've been writing Letters to the Editor regarding lack of public access at Lambert's Cove Beach, a town park in West Tisbury.