The people-dogs equivalency in West Tisbury


To the Editor:

People of West Tisbury have once again shown how truly selfish they are. I’m referring of course to the recent activity regarding the potential ban on dogs at Lambert’s Cove Beach, a public park. Several Letters to The Editor were written regarding the issue, and words such as “cooperation,” “community,” and “good government in action” were used. A West Tisbury Park and Recreation meeting was also well-attended by dog advocates.

The town of West Tisbury does not allow public walk-on access to the park during the same time that dogs are not allowed. Essentially, the policy of the town equates non-residents with dogs, because that is the time both are deemed worthy enough to be on the beach.

It’s selfish because the dog advocates are silent about public walk-on access, but will take up the dog issue because it affects them personally. If I have mis-characterized anyone’s opinion on the matter, please write in and let me know. An internet post, from cowards who don’t print their names, doesn’t count. Silence is my validation. End beach apartheid.

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs