It’s all about beaches with this guy


To the Editor:

Despite being a vegetarian for the past 20 years, I enjoyed Nelson Bryant’s article about duck hunting on the Island. This sentence, of course stood out to me. “Areas on the Vineyard where one may legally hunt have dwindled as dwellings replace bayberries and wind-twisted oaks on the edges of wetlands and salt ponds, and no-trespassing signs proliferate.”

If this truly bothers him, he can help reverse this trend. Starting in his own town. Because he is from West Tisbury, and as anyone who regularly reads this section of the paper knows, the town denies public walk-on access to Lambert’s Cove Beach, a town park.

Wouldn’t it be great if Mr. Bryant wrote an article about how the town has lost its old time core values of community and cooperation by having such exclusionary policies? If there isn’t any form of response to this letter from him, maybe one of Mr. Bryant’s former critics was right. “We don’t need people like you on the Vineyard.”

Silence is my validation. End beach apartheid.

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs