Apparently, silence isn’t really his validation


To the Editor:

Do you purposefully write Editorials so that I write in to correct you? Another possibility is that you don’t actually read the letters addressed to you that are printed in your paper. The third possibility is that you have no idea what being a good neighbor means.

Last week’s Editorial regarding dogs on Lambert’s Cove Beach closed with this quote, “There’s a neighborly compromise to be made here, employing a little give and take and a little treasure from the taxpayers. It sounds like the hope, change, and bipartisanship we’ve all been talking about.”

The town has exclusive beach policies that are not neighborly at all, yet you never mention this. You just continue to write bogus Editorials about how down home and neighborly the people of West Tisbury are. It’s similar with how you only write negative Editorials about Oak Bluffs. Silence is my validation. End beach apartheid.

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs