About beaches, sort of


To the Editor:

Anybody familiar with this section of the paper probably saw this one coming. I have written many letters to The Times over the years regarding West Tisbury’s exclusive beach policies at Lambert’s Cove, a town park. West Tisbury selectman Richard Knabel wrote a letter to last week’s Times to express his disappointment about The Martha’s Vineyard Commission decision to approve the “roundabout.” Mr. Knabel writes about grassroots opposition to the “roundabout” that it increases legitimacy of those against it. So would grassroots opposition to his town’s beach policies make him believe they are wrong?

The other comment that got my attention was “the commission has thumbed its nose at all up-Islanders.” So does his town with it’s exclusive beach policies thumb its nose at all down-Islanders wanting to walk, cycle, or bus to his town beach, those same people whose safety he is so concerned about in his letter?

I personally got a bit of a laugh about this letter and the whole “roundabout” approval. Kind of like the way black people felt when O.J. Simpson got off or as the Germans say “schadenfreude.”

I’m pretty sure I won’t get a reply from Mr. Knabel, who is also active in the Democratic Party. As I stated in my last letter about him, he represents two negative stereotypes of the left, one that they are elitist hypocrites and two that they can’t stand up for what they believe in. I wish he or anyone else from West Tisbury would engage in an open honest dialog on the subject but alas, nobody has.

My previous couple of letters asked these same questions of Presidential Medal of Freedom winner and West Tisbury resident David McCullough. Since he is the honorary chairman of his town’s library committee and the committee has received almost $3 million in state taxpayer money, he has an obligation to speak up on the matter of whether his town’s policies restrict freedom? If he doesn’t, I imagine it will end up being a stain on his legacy, similar to, but not as bad as our Founding Fathers not denouncing slavery.

Silence and Wikipedia are my validation. End beach apartheid.

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs