Summer think


To the Editor:

This is a compilation of a bunch of letters I wanted to write this summer but was too busy. First off, my letters have been given titles lately that imply the editor actually reads them. If that is the case, then when the editor republishes an editorial, shouldn’t he also automatically reprint my reply to it?

Next, if you are out of work on this Island, it says more about you than it does about our president. Also, if you think the president is authoritative. then you don’t know what the word means.

Next, former selectman Kerry Scott was the subject of a Times article about her not paying her sewer bill. Anyone who casts a harsh judgement should also remember that the town of Oak Bluffs openly voted to pay only half of its $18,000 yearly wastewater bill. Then the town voted on another budget. Buried in it was the non-appropriation of the other $9,000, as well as the entire $18,000 for the next year. Wastewater commissioners were either complicit in this deception or had no clue this was happening. Either way, it gives me no comfort.

Next, The Steamship Authority needs to put travel updates on Twitter.

Next, there have been several letters recently about the West Tisbury library expansion. I would love to know if those writers think it’s right that the town received almost $3 million from the Commonwealth yet has policies at the town park at Lambert’s Cove that denies walk-on access to the majority of people whose tax money they are using. I doubt any of them will reply.

Lastly, I have also written on this same theme regarding the West Tisbury Library’s honorary chairman, David McCullough, and his opinion on this matter. To me it seems strange that the winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom would live in a town that restricts public walk-on access to a town beach. If he feels this policy restricts freedoms, doesn’t he have a moral obligation to speak up against it? If he feels the policies are just, isn’t the free press a perfect place him to express those feelings?

I look forward to any and all discussion on all the points I have raised. I’m even going to drop my catch phrase endings this time, so that it won’t become the focus of any discussions.

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs