Your silence appreciated


To the Editor:

A few thoughts. To anyone else planning on writing another thank you Letter to the Editor regarding the West Tisbury Library expansion, please don’t forget to thank everyone in the Commonwealth for paying for half of the library. Then think about how your town excludes them from walking on Lambert’s Cove Beach, a town park.

West Tisbury selectman Richard Knabel sure had plenty to say about the proposed Roundabout in Oak Bluffs. I personally feel that his opposition was more of an older mindset, resistant to change. Also, that it was ridiculous that he would champion the role of community and democracy, while remaining silent on his town’s exclusive beach policies.

Do West Tisbury Occupy types get to claim 99 percent status while at an exclusive town beach?

Finally, to West Tisbury resident and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, David McCullough, I still would like to know if it troubles him that he lives in a town that restricts freedom.

Silence is my validation. End beach apartheid.

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs