Silence is his validation


To the Editor:

The West Tisbury Library is working on an expansion, with half of the funding coming from the state. Local resident and presidential author, David McCullough is the honorary chairman of the Library Foundation. He speaks eloquently about the value of libraries to the foundation of our country in a promotional video online. I recommend everyone watch it, because I couldn’t agree more with his words.

If you replace the word “library” with the word “park” in Mr. McCullough’s appeal, his words would still ring true about the value “parks” have to the community and to the nation. So, I would like to ask Mr. McCollough, or anyone else from West Tisbury, how they justify the exclusive, un-American policies at Lambert’s Cove Beach, a town park?

All I’m advocating for is that if one walks, cycles, or takes a bus they should be allowed access to the park. I look forward to any dialog on the matter in this forum. If I get none, silence is my validation. End beach apartheid.

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs