Not so neighborly


To the Editor:

West Tisbury selectman Richard Knabel wrote yet another Letter to the Editor [About turn on the Roundabout. It’s only neighborly, May 17], about what else, the proposed Roundabout in Oak Bluffs. He closes with, “my parents taught me that neighbors shouldn’t behave in ways they know will irritate those around them merely because they can. Let’s try to be good neighbors.”

If he truly wants to be a good neighbor, like he claims he was taught, he could start by stating that he supports public walk-on access to Lambert’s Cove Beach, a town park. It seems that being a good neighbor to him involves telling other towns what to do, while remaining silent on his towns un-neighborly beach policies.

If those in West Tisbury wouldn’t write into the paper going on about “community” and being “good neighbors,” then I wouldn’t have to correct them with a letter that closes with “end beach apartheid.”

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs