No straight talk on Oak Bluffs budget


To the Editor:

Just a few thoughts on the last Oak Bluffs town meeting.

Part of the budget cutting was the town not paying half it’s wastewater bill. Selectman Duncan Ross incorrectly described it as “robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

When asked for some explanation, wastewater commissioner Bob Iadicicco was quoted in this paper saying, “One of the selectmen came to us and said ‘can we have some relief?'” And “Somewhat reluctantly,” Mr. Iadicicco continued, “we agreed. Don’t ask for a rationalization.”

My main gripe, besides public beach access, is that there is not an honest, intelligent discussion on the issue from our elected officials. Essentially, what was voted on was whether the town should pay only half of the bill that it had agreed to.

There were also comments on the issue from Herbert Combra. Essentially, he believes that most Oak Bluffs residents get nothing from the wastewater system. I disagree.

The downtown area is the heart of our town. The Campground, Copeland district, harbor, and business area are what make our town great. They also bring in revenue that pays for things like our schools, roads, and fire engines. The wastewater system is clearly a benefit to our entire community, and that community also includes scallops.

If I have misrepresented anyone’s words or intentions, please write in and correct me. And to the folks in West Tisbury, if you describe your town in the same way that I describe mine, I’ll have to write one of my letters that close with “end beach apartheid.”

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs