Elitists’ beach


To the Editor:

This one is a week late. I’ve been busy.

The scene is a West Tisbury selectmen’s meeting. The issue of course is Lambert’s Cove Beach, a public park. Seems that Steven Carter was complaining about boaters off Lambert’s Cove Beach. Here is a quote about people swimming to the beach: “None of these people have beach passes.” It’s nice to put a name with a selfish act. I wonder how it feels to be that elitist?

Another great quote from town administrator Jennifer Rand also needs to be addressed. Ms. Rand said, “The beach is open to the public up to the low tide line.” This is relevant to private beaches. Lambert’s Cove however is public. If anyone has any doubts, it is being discussed at a town meeting, by a town board, and the town owns it.

If I’m inaccurate in my portrayal of these speakers’ words or the events, please write in and correct me. If not, silence is my validation. End beach apartheid.

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs