Back to you, W. R. Deeble


To the Editor:

This is the reply to W.R. Deeble’s letter about my letters regarding West Tisbury’s exclusive beach policies at Lambert’s Cove Beach, a town park.

First off, I plan on making “derogatory remarks about town residents in general and individually by name,” but I’m backing them up with facts. I will show how Mr. Deeble is guilty of “hypocrisy, elitism, snobbery” using his own words.

Let’s begin with this quote of his. “Mr. Albert says he never heard about tolerating other towns’ by-laws, passed by residents who know local situations best, but perhaps he has never ventured far from home. Most Islanders obey such by-laws.”

Since I have never ventured far from my home, I Googled him and found this quote from one of his old letters. “The Vineyard should have only one SSA port year-round, and weather conditions require that it be in Vineyard Haven harbor. It must be difficult for a Circuit Avenue businessman to agree to this idea, but Mr. Hanover’s boatline position has an Island-wide constituency.” These two quotes from him allow me, a Circuit Avenue businessman to say he is being hypocritical. And, if he is so worked up about me making derogatory statements about individuals by name, then why is he doing it to me? Another example of his hypocrisy.

Another quote goes, “Mr. Albert says some have told him they enjoy his letters, but he does not say what they know about the facts.” That sounds snobby to me.

In his two letters, Mr. Deeble never says he is in favor of sharing the beach, so I’ll assume he isn’t. If he does believe in sharing, he should say so. If not, it’s certainly an elitist quality not to mention a selfish one too.

He also never states how I’m wrong. Instead, he goes off on some random scare tactic tangent about bulldozing the trail and parking lot. A neighborly policy allowing anyone to walk, cycle, or bus to Lambert’s Cove would obviously not require a bulldozer.

I look forward to any printed response from him or anyone else. End beach apartheid.

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs