Am I wrong?


To the Editor:

A few points. First I would like to comment on last week’s article regarding wastewater in Oak Bluffs, “Oak Bluffs business owners question sewering policies.” This quote from selectman and waste water commissioner Gail Barmakian caught my attention: “The ascending rate structure is endorsed by Department of Environmental Protection because it encourages people to save water. Some very big users have saved considerable amounts of water, and saved themselves a lot of money, so it does work.”

For starters I was at the meeting in the wastewater meeting/break room, and while she lectured us about water conservation, the faucet in the sink behind her was dripping. Even worse, the air-conditioning condensation is also piped into that sink and it’s connected to the plant. As far as the bit about big users, saving considerable money, I say poppycock. If I’m wrong, someone please tell me three users in town and how much they have saved.

Two points the article failed to mention was that the town also voted not to pay its wastewater bill for two years. The wastewater commissioners and some current and past selectman were for this. They felt that the high water users should pay for the wastewater for the town buildings like the library, town hall, police, station, etc., instead of it being equally spread out around the town. Also omitted was that the high water users, restaurants and lodging establishments, have local taxes applied to them. These were also raised a few years ago.

Next topic, is the fishing pier that I love. The Martha’s Vineyard Commission really needed to have hearings (Oct. 22, “MVC waters down request for solar lights on new state fishing pier”) about installing lights? You really don’t have anything else to do?

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs