Pot trumps tribal casino


To the Editor:

I have a solution for Aquinnah’s budget shortfall, both current and future, and it’s not a casino.  The Department of Justice recently ruled that Native American tribes can grow and sell marijuana similar to the way it’s done in states where it’s now legal, like Colorado.

To open a medical dispensary in the commonwealth, you need $500,000 cash in an escrow account, $35,000 to apply, and $50,000 a year in licensing. Without that expense and a much larger population to sell to, I’m sure the town and tribe could make plenty of money on this venture.

Since there are currently no medical marijuana dispensaries on-Island, it would also benefit local people in need of marijuana for a range of health issues. It would also boost tourism for the entire Island. People book trips and travel throughout New England. If someone knew they could get legal marijuana here, they would be more likely to visit us than, say, Nantucket or Cape Cod.

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs