His turn


To the Editor:

The obvious reply to W.R. Deeble’s last letter [August 22, What’s next?] about me is that, for starters, I don’t resent any criticism of my letters. I actually quite enjoy it, because it gives me more reason to write. Also, I don’t call objections to my letters personal attacks. I do call writing “maybe he doesn’t get out much” a personal attack. I did laugh out loud at that one. What I said was that Mr. Deeble’s main gripe was me doing personal attacks, and then he does them to me.

I don’t take calling people “hypocrites” lightly in this forum. But when someone from West Tisbury advocates shutting down the Oak Bluffs steamship dock, as Mr. Deeble has, or is against the roundabout yet has no problem with his own town’s exclusive beach policies, it’s easy to label them “hypocrites.”

If I’m to “be commended for advocating neighborliness,” why shouldn’t the town be derogated for being un-neighborly. And somehow, I still haven’t seen him write how I’m wrong on the facts.

As far as using the word “apartheid,” I make no apologies. Google defines it as “Segregation in other contexts.” When I first planned this out, I knew that I would just be ignored unless I used the word. I just figured someone from West Tisbury would have had the courage to stand up to me sooner than this. I look forward to any printed reply. End beach apartheid.

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs