In reply, I’m not wrong


To the Editor:

I would like to reply to W. R. Deeble’s letter [‘Editorial discretion’ required, July 19] about my letters regarding exclusive policies at West Tisbury’s town beach, Lambert’s Cove.

This is my favorite quote from the letter.”Beyond ignoring the usual Islander tolerance for the rules of other towns, he is also wrong on the facts and the relevant laws.”

For starters I have never heard about “the usual Islander tolerance for the rules of other towns.” Maybe he/she should inform West Tisbury selectman Richard Kanabel and the rest of the anti-roundabout folks about this, because they clearly haven’t heard of it either. Or maybe it’s just a West Tisbury thing where they feel it only applies when people point out what they do wrong.

It seems I’m also wrong on “the facts and the relevant laws.” It’s one thing to say this, it’s quite another to back this up with proof. Hopefully, Mr. Deeble or anyone else will write in and explain how I’m wrong.

And as far as “spoiling” this page for some, I’ve had plenty of people tell me to my face how much they enjoy my letters. So in closing, end beach apartheid.

Erik Albert

Oak Blufs