Not neighborly


To the Editor:

A few points. I would like to respond to Peter Robb’s letter in a recent issue of The Times regarding President Obama. The letter closes with, “There is a popular bumper sticker on the Island that says simply, ‘Pray for September.’ I suggest another, ‘Pray for America.’” So I did. I took out my yoga mat yesterday and pointed it toward Mecca and prayed for America. I even did it four more times that day. Hopefully he feels better now.

Next I would like to address the two points in last week’s editorial. I’ll do the second point about President Obama’s vacation here first. The editorial is critical of The President for staying out of the public eye. I don’t think it’s right to judge how people enjoy our Island. I, for instance, spend most of my summer on Circuit Ave where I live and work, while some people head straight up-Island from the airport and never go down-Island. Both are fine ways to spend one’s time here.

The other section of the editorial dealt with the fire fighters, police and EMTs. Here are a couple of quotes. “Of course, mutual aid is the lifeblood of any small community.”  “Although our population swells from about 17,000 in the winter to about 105,000 in the summer, our instincts are still that of a small community where neighbors look out for neighbors, even if they are only our neighbors for a week or two.”  “Hopefully, the men and women who have manned the front lines of the Island’s emergency response systems with be able to catch their collective breaths and find time to go to the beach.”

I think you should clarify which beach they should go to because as I have pointed out so many times in this forum, The Town of West Tisbury has exclusionary policies regarding Lambert’s Cove Beach, a town park. Those policies discriminate against the same people who would risk their lives battling a fire in West Tisbury. Clearly it’s not neighborly nor community minded.

Erik Albert
Oak Bluffs