Doing the right thing


To the Editor:

To the man driving a white van on Martin Road in Vineyard Haven on Wednesday night, the one who came back to find us after accidentally hitting our gray and white cat, Buddy, who crossed the road right into his wheels: thank you so much for taking the time to come back.

Buddy, who is 12, miraculously escaped with only a small but very deep wound that stopped just short of perforating his abdominal wall. He is neatly stitched and getting on with his remaining eight lives. If everyone who hits an animal would take time to stop, they could possibly save the animal’s life, save the animal hours of agony, and save the owners from uncertainty. Even if Buddy had been killed, I would thank the person brave enough to let me know right away. Thank you again.To other drivers: Please drive slowly on Martin Road, there are many pets and children on this short street.

Jill Walsh

Vineyard Haven