True American spirit


To the Editor:

Let’s see. We have a group of illegal immigrants who have overstayed their visas and illegally make their home here in the United States. They have their children born here so that they attain their U.S. citizenship. These immigrants usually do not carry health insurance, which our local hospital can attest to. The rest of us can also attest to this fact, as we have to pay $700 just to walk into the Emergency Room. The immigrants work jobs here, but send most of their spare funds back to their homeland. The diversion of these funds does nothing to bolster our local economy.

We have rules here, but immigrants simply bypass them by entering and staying here illegally in the United States. Here on the Vineyard, we have a rule that you cannot wear special colors at a graduation ceremony. To which these young students here in our local high school state they do not care what the rule is, as they planned to wear their color scarves in any event.

To school board members Ms. Ackerman, Mr. Baynes, Mr. Tankard, Susan Parker, and Lisa Reagan, you have sent the wrong message by overruling our school authorities. You can be assured that many of us will vote against all of you in the next school board election.

To those students that want to show that they are proud, I would suggest that certain activities such as to excel in school, to obtain a job after school so that you can pay for your own college education, and to perform community volunteer work would be more effective than wearing a colorful scarf. It is more of a challenge, but it shows a true American spirit.

James Kennedy, Jr.

Oak Bluffs