Opening at Cousen Rose

Gay Head Light, photographed by Debra Gaines.

On Saturday, July 3, from 7 to 9 pm, Cousen Rose Gallery at 71 Upper Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs will hold a reception kicking off a new exhibit of artwork from three artists: Oil painter Mark Zeender, photographer Debra Gaines, and Boston Globe columnist Derrick Jackson, whose photographs of President Barack Obama and nature photography of puffins will also be displayed.

Zita Cousens, owner of Cousen Rose, says, “Mark Zeender is widely traveled and his oil paintings could represent scenes from all over the world, but when I look at some of them, I see Martha’s Vineyard.” She continues, “Mark is the only artist represented in my gallery with his particular style of oil painting. Whether it is a moonlit sky, a misty day, or a horizon with a setting sun, they have a distinctly Martha’s Vineyard feel.”

Derrick Jackson, a long time columnist for the Boston Globe, will show some of the 75 photographs he took while following Barack Obama on the Presidential campaign trail. Mr. Jackson, who is unable to attend the show’s opening, also photographs puffins (black and white diving seabirds) that he explains need to be photographed from a blind so they are unaware of being observed. “I watch for compositions that are interesting or unusual,” he says.

Vineyard photographer Debra Gaines will be showing her latest images. She moved from working with film to the use of digital photography, but she credits her success and understanding of photography to her experience with film processing in the darkroom. Ms. Gaines does not alter or enhance her photographs, but rather captures an image of a Vineyard landscape or building at a precise moment in time.

Ms. Gaines says, “This year I am really excited about the four images of lightning I shot because I had to use my education to take them. They are the technical shots.”

This season Cousen Rose is featuring the works of some 20 artists. In addition, the Gallery will host book signings by Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree, and Oak Bluffs Campground resident Sally Dagnall, whose latest book about the Campgrounds is “Circle of Faith.”

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