Oak Bluffs


Fourth of July weekend was picture perfect, wasn’t it? The weather was what made a good holiday — so that visitors could spend time at the beach although it seemed like hundreds were walking around town or in the stores.

I am going to tell you a fish story, but it is not the typical one about the big one that got away. In fact, in this case, it absolutely got caught. A few weeks ago a friend, who we will call David in the interest of anonymity, was out fishing as usual at dusk. He loves to fish but gets distressed over the rubbish beach-party participants leave behind.He tries to pick up what he can, but the messes continue to accumulate.

The last straw for him was when he came across trash that was obviously household rubbish not even from a beach party. As he picked it up he found a bill with a name and address on it so, without missing a beat, he went to the post office, bought a box, addressed it to the person whose name was on the invoice, and packed the trash into the box with a note saying ” the next time you come to Martha’s Vineyard, take your trash home with you.” Wouldn’t you have loved to have been a fly on the wall when that person opened his package? He said it was well worth the $11 for the cost of the box and the mailing fee.

The Arts District Stroll will be on Saturday, July 10, from 4 to 7 pm. The Alison Shaw Gallery at 83 Dukes County Ave. will open the “dock” show of fine art photography, and have a book signing for “Schooner,” the new book written by Tom Dunlop and full of Alison’s photos, chronicling the building of a 60-foot wooden schooner at Gannon & Benjamin in Vineyard Haven. There will be plenty of great art, and food and drink will be served up by all of the neighborhood galleries.

Tom Dresser has a new book out this week, “African Americans on Martha’s Vineyard, from Enslavement to Presidential Visit.” Many of the stories in the book are based in Oak Bluffs, from early business ventures by African Americans to racial situations that were a challenge to handle, either at the airport or at a local hotel.The first book talk/signing is scheduled for the Oak Bluffs library on Friday, July 9, at 11 am, and he will address the Supportive Day Program at the Tisbury senior center on July 13 at 1:45 pm.

A screening of the documentary “The Shark is Still Working,” by the M.V. Film Society will take place on July 13 at the Tabernacle. Some 35 years ago a little film called “Jaws” that was shot on Martha’s Vineyard became Hollywood’s first true summer blockbuster.

Sydney Asbury, chief of staff to Governor Deval Patrick, will attend an open meeting of the M.V. Democratic Council on Saturday, July 10, at the Howes House in West Tisbury, from 9 to 11 am. Here is youropportunity to ask questions or voice your concerns about everything from wind power to casinos, education to health care.

Archer Robert Butler, born on June 28 at the Falmouth birthplace, was welcomed into the world by his parents, Olivia and Nicholas, as well as his grandparents, Jack and Pat Law of Oak Bluffs, and his godmother Jessica Burgoyne of Edgartown. Big sister Delilah was so excited and proud to bring her baby brother home.

Sunday, July 11, at 5:30 pm, the Mansion House in Vineyard Haven will be offering a free Stott Pilates class with Toni Cohen. This class is great for all levels of fitness and is free for everyone.

Sean Waite, who previously worked at the M.V. Airport, is now in the Gulf of Mexico helping with the oil spill cleanup as the captain of the vessel that receives the oil the “skimmers” collect. So now he joins the ranks of the hundreds of workers working so hard to control this devastating oil spill.

The M.V. Campmeeting Society is offering more interesting programs this summer. On Friday, July 9, at 8 pm there will be a classical music concert with Dr. Amaryllis Glass (pianist) and Melissa Westgate (cello) who will play music by Haydn, Beethoven, Ginastera, Chopin, and Mendelssohn. There is no admission charge, but a free will offering will be taken.

Then on Saturday, July 10, at 10 am there will be a Bicycle Safety Clinic with the Oak Bluffs police. Officers will conduct a workshop featuring bike safety inspections, a discussion about rules of the road, state and local laws, helmet-fitting, games and ice cream. The goal is to learn safe bike riding. All kids and parents are welcome. The event will be on Siloam Avenue, just off Dukes County Avenue, which will be blocked off for the event.

We send birthday smiles to Claire Gibson on July 9 and my neighbor Nicholas Mathias who will turn 2 on July 9, Hope deBettencourt, Fronzie Conlin, and Josh Correllus on July 10, Colleen Farrissey on July 11, Lauren Weaver and Jeff LaBell on the 13th, and a big smile to grandson Nick Rivers as he turns 21 on July 15.

We are so pleased that Pat Suarez is home after a long five-week recovery from a stroke. I spoke with her and she has regained her speech, and is now able to walk. Pat credits the loving care given to her by her daughters, Juanita and Rita, to her recovery.

Huge congratulations to Truelayna Rose who has passed the Paramedic Course. I always knew she would be able to reach her dream.Enjoy your week.Peace.