Alabama returns home after unscheduled stop in the Mystic River


The Vineyard Haven schooner Alabama, Capt. Ian Ridgeway, returned to her homeport Friday, after a day’s delay resulting from grounding near the entrance to the Mystic River in Connecticut. Conditions at the time were calm with limited visibility.

The schooner got aground on the evening of Wednesday, July 7. One of the Black Dog Tall Ships, Alabama was departing Mystic after a holiday visit to the Mystic Seaport.

The schooner, carrying a complement of students, was refloated just before 7 p.m., July 8, according to a Coast Guard spokesman. Passengers were transferred to shore in small craft.

Inspected by divers at the nearby Noank Shipyard, the schooner sustained no damage.

Alabama had 33 on board the boat, 27 of whom were passengers between 15 and 18 years of age.