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Herb Custer, a Vineyard natural

An off-Islander by birth, Herb Custer Jr. might as well have been a native. Charter fishing brought him to the Vineyard on a fishing...

Susan Safford, R.I.P.

Susie Safford was the engine of The Martha’s Vineyard Times when I joined the newspaper in 1985. She was an indispensable leader in the...

Donald H. Lyons: An appreciation

Curiously, the ministry of a small town newspaper to its readers is not so very unlike the ministry of a small, like-minded congregation united...

She’s heard it all

Every one of us has said it: “Now I’ve heard everything.” Some of us have used the same phrase several times, casually emptying it...

Dog-eared pages

There are lots of books about dogs. How to choose the one for you. How to feed, house, and train him. How to carry...

Not reflected in the algorithm

The following hardly qualifies as a healthcare data point. I’m sure the wizards who carpenter the algorithms that model healthcare access and costs have...

Callens celebrate their final Vineyard Cup at the helm

Thursday, on the eve of the 13th annual Vineyard Cup weekend of competition among a variety of sailing craft, large and small, Brock and...

‘Plumbelly’: Gary Maynard sets sail with a coming-of-age novel

As a child, the ocean sailor, boatbuilder, and homebuilder Gary S. Maynard of West Tisbury sailed around the world with his parents, aboard a...

Domestic Disturbances: Haulout

I don’t think there is a commonly observed annual moment when one takes a whole week to make a personal assessment. There ought to...

Domestic Disturbances: What to do about those to-do lists?

One of those extra-long yellow Post-it notes sits on the desk next to my keyboard. It’s been there for years. It’s curling up. The...

A nifty bit of salvage work, and some history

Except for the hard north-northeasterly wind, the gray skies, the spitting rain, the submerged dock, and the four yachts driven ashore along the beach,...

Good sports

By Nelson Sigelman. 2017. $19.95. Available at Bunch of Grapes, Coop’s Bait and Tackle in Edgartown, and on Visit for more information. Of...

Researcher Clyde MacKenzie’s new book spotlights living local

“Martha’s Vineyard: Nine Local Histories of Island Life” by Clyde L. MacKenzie Jr. Paper, $18.25. For us wash-ashores whose grasp of Vineyard history extends perhaps...

Dogs make themselves at home — at the office

We’ve called every dog we’ve had by several names. You’ve probably done the same. Dogs that came with birth names got new names. Dogs...

Domestic Disturbances: Success at last, sort of

Davy Crockett and I hunted together many Saturday afternoons when I was a kid. The King of the Wild Frontier and I went after...

Tales – Peter Colt Josephs recounts the colloquial history of his beloved Island.

“Tales of the Massachusetts South Seas: Stories from the Cape Cod Archipelago, Martha’s Vineyard,” By Peter Colt Josephs. Illustrated by Jo Anne Briggs. $40...

Nelson Sigelman, newspaperman.

Nelson Sigelman is an outdoorsman, a sportsman, a hunter, a fisherman. True enough, all of it, but at his core he’s a journalist. Not...

“Mill Pond Joe” captures early days of an Island writer, outdoorsman

Nelson Bryant’s memoir rewinds from life as a New York Times journalist to a West Tisbury boyhood.

Bernie Holzer

Bernie Holzer of West Tisbury, a Midwesterner who retired from a long oceangoing career as a merchant seaman to begin a 25-year second career...

Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Market Improved in 2013

But, upswing is slow, variable across market segments, and lacks conviction.