In response to the POINT advertisement


To the Editor:

The full-page POINT advertisement, so prominent on the back page, makes a few good points about the state’s plan and raises some questions about wind power that must be addressed for any responsible offshore turbine project. On the other hand, there are many misleading assertions in this and similar ads. It’s getting really tiresome. Let me respond again, in order, to those.

Wind power will reduce our oil dependence. Transportation, home heating and some electricity, comprising 62 percent of our Island energy use, is derived from oil. We envision those uses being mostly renewable electric by 2050.

Wind power will reduce carbon dioxide emissions —about 1.3 lb for every kWh we generate with wind. Don’t be confused by the need for backup capacity.

National Grid will pay about a third more per kWh for energy generated by Cape Wind than conventional sources. It won’t make much of a difference to the average ratepayer. Vineyard Power members will pay less than they do now and be immune from uncertainty in the price of fossil fuel-based electricity.

As noted in the ad, taxpayers will pay 30 percent of the cost to construct offshore wind turbines. According to Saturday’s New York Times, taxpayers already pay oil, coal, and gas companies $4 billion a year in subsidies that began in the late 19th century to help stimulate a new business then. Give you any ideas?

We need every bit of renewable energy we can develop. There is not nearly enough excess available from other states or Canada. Why would we want jobs and revenue to go to another state? Vineyard Power wants to know why you would even want it to go to the mainland?

Paul PimentelEdgartownChair, Vineyard Power