What’s my story?


The Edgartown Public Library and I began building our story about five years ago, when my mother and I moved to Edgartown from Oak Bluffs. I was in the second grade. As I progressed in age and grades my visits to the library rapidly increased. When teachers began to assign book reports and other projects, I realized I needed resources that I couldn’t find at home — like a computer and a selection of books. Of course I’d been to other libraries, but when I entered the Edgartown Public Library and became a frequent visitor I learned this library wasn’t just a place to store books, it was a family and I soon became comfortable with the librarians and resources the library offered. As I continued to explore the library I discovered wonderful books that I actually enjoyed reading, and creative, exciting crafts and activities I could participate in and assist younger children with. Whenever I go to our library I get to learn something new, whether it’s from a book, the internet, or one of the very intelligent and friendly librarians. The library has opened so many doors of opportunity for me to continue to learn. Even though I have grown and now have many of the needed resources at home I still like to visit the library at least two or three times a week. So in a way the library is like a great big chocolate bar; you take a bite but you can’t stop because it tastes so good so you keep coming back for more. The library and I have a never-ending story because I’ll never get enough of the Edgartown Public Library.

Gabriella Hoxsie’s essay was the overall winner of the Edgartown Library Foundation’s 2010 Essay Contest, an annual competition open to elementary school students from Edgartown. This year’s topic was “The Edgartown Public Library & Me; What’s My Story.” Ms. Hoxsie is a seventh-grader at the Edgartown School.