Disappointing visit to the new ER


To the Editor:

I am very proud of our community for coming together to build a “better hospital.” My questions are what are we doing about staffing. Right now we are in the peak of the season, we have 17 ER rooms, one triage room and no place in the ER waiting room for people to become comfortable. We run the ER, as far as I have seen, with one doctor. I am not impressed with the bedside manner of the ER, just my opinion. It seems to me that triage needs to be redone. Prioritize the need, not on a first-come first-serve basis.

I could be wrong. If I am wrong, ok. If not, it needs to change. I just spent six hours in the ER trying to get my grandson hydrated. It took five hours to get what we needed. We were patient, understanding, but also advocated for the little guy. Just took time and commitment. I was amazed by some of the staff, with their attitudes, and overall disappointed. I understand there were at least five ambulance runs while we were there, understandable chaos with only one doctor in theER. This is an Island hospital, not a city hospital. My point is that in summer months, as far as I’m concerned, there should be two doctors in the ER and double the staff. Winter, hey, take it easy. We Island people are easier to deal with than you think. I am disappointed and, as a health care advocate, embarrassed by my experience in the ER.

Elizabeth Jones

Vineyard Haven