It’s a matter of safety


To the Editor:It is with sadness that we are all were made aware of the bike accident that claim the life of a young mother in Vineyard Haven. I wonder if those residents of Chappy fighting the bike path are now having second thoughts in their opposition. I will not spell out their names, but we all know who they are. They are the ones that put up the argument against affordable houses as it might disrupt the lives of the bugs on the particular empty lot or voiced support for a private helicopter pad.

Do you guys really want to pick up a copy of the local newspaper and read of a similar bike accident on Chappy?

Their real main argument is that they wish to curtail the tourist traffic and maintain the exclusiveness of their residences. With all of the beauty on Chappy, the tourists will continue to come to the island. It is just a matter that most of us want to ensure their visit here to be a safe one.

Edward Duncan

Chappaquiddick Road