Lemonade: new accessory story in Oak Bluffs


Lemonade as a drink can be a great thirst quencher. As a new store on Circuit Avenue (next to Linda Jean’s) in Oak Bluffs, Lemonade is downright refreshing.

This bright, cheery, and open store is such a great mix of options ranging from Island-made to organic, and some items being both. I was lucky enough to visit with Lemonade associate Melinda Beyers, who was a wealth of knowledge.

Katryn: How did Lemonade come to be?

Melinda: Well, the owner Rebecca Rogers has been on the Island for the last 10 years, having moved here from Wall Street in NYC, doing various things, and this year she decided to open this wonderful store.

K: What is special about Lemonade?

M: There are many things. The price points are ranged for everyone and there are many local artists featured including owner Becca, who makes some of her own unique jewelry like gorgeous beaded earrings. We even have a great selection of sustainable items from jewelry made from nuts in the rainforest to skirts and dresses made of recycled t-shirts.

K: What is the most unique item in the store?

M: That would have to be the Fridge Couch! It is made of a recycled back seat of a BMW along with an old fridge as its base and attached end table. Both items are the only two items that cannot be recycled at the dump and currently it is a one of a kind made by Adrian Johnson, an artist in New Bedford.

As I wandered the store while Melinda helped numerous customers, I took the opportunity to take a closer look at some of the amazing items that Lemonade carries. Some that stand out to me are the Caron Miller, Le Groovy Art Scarf ($35), tagline: “Enjoy, Wear It, Hug It, Love It Baby!” The Illume Candles also caught my attention with their frosted glass or tin options in an array of wonderful scents. The artwork on one wall using local shells and wampum pieces would fit in an any home (starts at $80), and adjacent to that, the women’s hat selections ensures that everyone will be happy with their sun protection of choice. The colorful Charley’s Web of Martha’s Vineyard dresses for young girls made me wish I had someone to buy for and the WhitKnits, knit works by Whitney, made me come up with four different women that will get a bright felt purse for their next birthday present.

Men are not left out here either, as they have a varied selection of wallets, hats and of course the FridgeCouch.

Don’t delay. Head in to see what might intrigue you at Lemonade and if you are parched, no worries, as they have some refreshing lemonade at the counter for you to quench your thirst.