Make room for cyclists in Tisbury


To the Editor:

Like many other people, I was shocked by the death of Dina Decceca. She died in a horrendous accident. However, had the town of Tisbury acted upon the recommendations of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Subcommittee (part of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission) in 2006, that accident could have been avoided.

I work for one of Oak Bluffs’ oldest bicycle shops. During the summer, we put more than 100 cycling tourists on the road every day. Cycling tourists are vital for Vineyard businesses, bringing millions of dollars to other Vineyard businesses around the Island.

Every year I’ve rented bicycles, our shop has always encouraged renters to visit Edgartown and not Tisbury, largely because of State Road, which is horrendous for cyclists. The warnings have only increased since Ms.Decceca’s accident.

If Tisbury businesses wish to see any hint of the patronage Edgartown receives, they must push their selectmen to incorporate room for cyclists in their town, especially on (or around) State Road.

Otherwise, tourists on bicycles will continue to be told to avoid Tisbury, and Tisbury businesses will suffer as a result.

Peter Friedrichs

Oak Bluffs