Step away from the clay cliffs


To the Editor:

I was blessed to have the opportunity today, Friday July 16, to enjoy several hours at Moshup’s Trail Beach at Aquinnah, taking in the sun, sand, and surf. I was wandering beyond the Land Bank Beach to the base of the cliffs and was amazed and disgusted by the abuse of the clay cliffs by my fellow beachgoers that day.

Scooping up handfuls of clay, face painting and body painting were bad enough, but the worst was watching one young woman climb to the top of a clay embankment and slide down the clay slope with a shower of loose material showering down with her, laughing all the way. In another time I would have said something, but in this day and age, who dares?

There were many signs clearly posted and clearly being ignored. The cliffs are a visual treasure to be admired, not to be abused. It’s time to remind ourselves and our visitors to respect what we admire. Don’t touch the clay, folks.

Doug Ulwick
Oak Bluffs