My friends, the heat on Sunday broke me. It’s one thing if one is on vacation — and for all those visiting our lovely island right now I’m very glad that you are getting a chance to spend some much-needed downtime at the beach — but if like me, one has to work in this heat either at home (not air-conditioned) or someplace else (maybe air-conditioned) it’s very de-moralizing.

Seriously, I didn’t have a kind word left for myself or anyone else by the end of the day. I know I was touting the benefits of plunging in the water as a way to be more tolerant, but even that didn’t work for me. I was left with scowling and eating ice cream. That’s really the best I could do.

Tonight is the annual benefit for the Vineyard House. This year it is being held at the Friedman Estate in Edgartown from 5:30-7:30 pm, tickets are $75. Call 508-693-8580 or go to for all details.

On Sunday the Vineyard Playhouse comes to Chilmark for its gala celebration hosted by Doug Liman, Tamara Buchwald, and Abigail Rose Solomon at Mr. Liman’s 18th Century Homestead. The evening features a special performance by Debra Monk. This is going to be fabulous. Ms. Monk was in the highly acclaimed Playhouse production of Mrs. Miller Does Her Thing a couple of seasons ago. Tickets start at $125; you can email Tessa Hayward at to reserve your ticket.

If you find yourself down-Island on Sunday you can see Katie Mayhew and David Crohan in concert at the Old Whaling Church at 4:30 pm.

This Wednesday, Aug. 4, is the monthly town nurse clinic at town hall. You can see Stacia Broderick from 9-10 am. The clinic is free to town residents.

Also on Wednesday is the Backyard Bash in Chilmark hosted by the Fire Department. Come one, come all starting at 5 pm. Please note that there will be no Cinema Circus or feature presentation by the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival that evening. M.V. Film Festival will have a special Saturday night screening of The Western Front at 7 pm, at the Chilmark Community Center. Doors open at 6 pm.

Save the Date! The annual Aquinnah Cultural Center’s fundraiser and traditional feast will be Saturday, Aug. 14, at 5 pm.

Lori Bradway, who is working at the Philbin Beach parking lot, wanted to thank the children who alerted her to the sick gull on Philbin the day of the Menemsha fire. She wasn’t sure how the gull got sick or injured, but some children found it on the beach and came and got her from the lot. Lori made arrangements to take the gull off-Island to be treated, but it was not to be, and the gull spent its last moments with her. Lori was very moved by the children’s concern for the bird.

August starts on Sunday. I won’t say any more; we all know what that means.