Men’s softball: A ‘Canes blowout


Fans expecting a close, well-played softball game early Monday evening at Tisbury’s Veterans Memorial Park, as the Hurricanes and Brewhas faced off in the final game of their scheduled summer season, were disappointed as the high-scoring Brewhas managed only one run and that in the bottom of the first inning.

The ‘Canes on the other hand were ready and willing to take advantage of their listless opponents. They scored three in the top of the first, six in the fourth, and three more in the sixth inning. Final score: Hurricanes 12, Brewhas 1.

Last Thursday the Brewhas beat the Wildcats, 8-6. John Custer and Eric Hatt homered for the Brewhas.

Monday’s second game was a runaway win for the Treds outscoring the Stampede 16-6. The Treds wasted no time in asserting their claim, driving in seven runs in the top of the first inning. The loudest blow was a fence-clearing home run by Billy Panek.

The Stampede made a move toward catching up. After posting four runs in the bottom of the fourth, the score stood at Treds 8, Stampede 6. But that was it. The Treds added four in the fifth and two more in both the sixth and seventh while holding the Stampede in check.

The third game of the trifecta was a triumph for the Catboat Killers over the Wildcats. The score was tied, 3-3 after three innings, but the Catboats crossed the plate ten times in the bottom of the fourth, then scored three in the fifth and sixth, enough to keep the Wildcats at bay.

Ken Magnuson homered for the Killers

Final score: Catboat Killers 19, Wildcats 15.

Also Monday, at Manters Memorial Field, West Tisbury, the Highlanders were showing no mercy, drubbing the Landsharks, 20-4.

Tom Pachico called balls and strikes in the first two games at Veterans Park. Richie Roy officiated in the third game.

One game remains to be played, Wednesday, Treds vs. Catboat Killers, before the season will have run its course issuing in the second season, the Playoffs.