New hospital, something missing


To the Editor:

This is a copy of a letter I sent to Tim Walsh more than three weeks ago and have not gotten a response.

I am writing you this letter with a big concern. Being handicapped, I went in for my monthly infusion today, July 2, and although you have gotten the look that you were hoping for as a Partners affiliate, the organization is lacking.

I went into the hospital and asked for directions to out-patient registration and was directed into the emergency room. I stood in the emergency room while three receptionists ignored the fact that I was standing there. Thankfully a familiar face came around the corner. He knew why I was there and directed me to the right registration area.

I followed his directions to the next registration area. After signing in, I waited for someone to come for me for my infusion.

Again, I hobbled down to the infusion room where I was consumed with disbelief. I was being directed into what felt like a broom closet with a chair and an IV pole. There were no windows, no TVs, and no bathroom. It felt like I was being held in solitary confinement because of my illness.

I find it almost cruel and unusual punishment for those of us that have to sit in a room, sometimes for hours with no windows, no TV, no books or even a newspaper.

Granted, I understand that the opening of the new hospital was only a week ago but some of these things should have been considered before the move.

Again, you got the look of a new hospital, but you missed the mark on a lot of other things.

I hope you can see this point of view as a patient and not a businessman, to see how frustrating this is. If it weren’t for the compassionate nursing staff, I might as well take myself to Boston where I expect I will be treated as a number instead of as an individual.

Colleen Corr-PanekVineyard Haven