NSTAR improves system for West Tisbury and Tisbury


NSTAR crews are upgrading the company’s electrical system in parts of West Tisbury and Tisbury. The goal is to improve service reliability, the utility announced Monday. Earlier this summer NSTAR workers began installing new poles, wires, and remote-controlled switches along Lambert’s Cove Road to accommodate new high voltage electrical circuits.

The high voltage circuits will allow an increase in electrical capacity in the area, according to a press release. The radio-controlled switches will help NSTAR reduce the duration of power outages by allowing workers to restore power to customers before NSTAR repair crews arrive. NSTAR said the project should be completed by the fall.

Dennis Galvam, NSTAR manager of community relations, said, “When complete, the upgrade projects in West Tisbury and Tisbury will ensure we will be able to provide local residents and businesses with the electricity they need now and into the future.”